Snakes Are Gross!

Have you ever noticed that one thought in the morning can make or break your day? I am sure that you have, we all have. Well, this week I have become increasingly aware that just one thought can create my own personal heaven or hell.

Did I know this before? Of course I did. Will I remember it later? I hope so.

It all started with something so infinitely small that most people would probably not even notice. I noticed, I notice everything. Sometimes I get frustrated with my overly observant brain. I mean, do I really need to remember exact times, phrases, and places associated with every activity that I am involved in? My sister told me that I’m the type of person that would dislike a whole outfit of a stranger because the stripes on his socks were a little misaligned.

I digress.

This teeny, tiny action sent my head into a whirlwind of negativity that was damn near impossible to pull myself out of. Here I am, someone who helps others get out of the dark dungeons of their minds, but find it impossible to keep mine out of my very own.


The answer: “Nothing.”

I am normal and like everyone else. I have good days and bad days, positive thoughts and negative thoughts. That’s the first step of getting me out of the deep seas of negative emotions, accepting myself fully. I am not perfect; I have never walked on water nor raised the dead. To put it frankly: I’m not Jesus. That isn’t my mission here on earth, either. My mission is to fumble, to fall, to get back up again, and then help others do the same.

What do I do next? Well, I remind myself of all of the blessings that I have around me. From the awesome pair of peepers that my mother gave to me (here’s your formal “Thank you,” Mom) to the fact that I can recognize when I am being a cry baby and when I am being stubborn. I am lucky to have my experiences and all of the people I surround myself with. Negative attracts negative and the same goes for positive. Set your mind on that which you want to have, and more will come to you.

After that, I just have to keep reminding myself that everything is as it should be, regardless of whether or not it looks the way I think it should. God knows what He is doing and He needed no help from me to create the world or universe (are you sure?). He knows the perfect timing for all things. I just need to trust him. With that trust, and same lesson of surrender from last week, I need to live in the moment, see the good in everything, and know that I am loved.

My mind is a powerful tool and that works both for and against me in this circumstance. It can be a wasteland, but it can also be a luscious, tropical rainforest bursting with life.

I choose to live in the rainforest, even if there are snakes (Ew! Sick!).



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