The Path Less Traveled?

Something that keeps coming up in conversation, and something that I tend to preach A LOT about, is pursuing our dreams. Sounds cliché, I know, but it is something that I am very passionate about. If there is something that moves your soul, something that makes your heart sing, then you should most definitely do it. If you haven’t found what it is, then keep your eyes open. The signs are all around you.

My journey to find my “calling,” or “destiny” in hippie-speak, was not easy. Not only that, it wasn’t easy to accept. If you asked me on any given day what I wanted to do, I would have told you some generic, predetermined, BORING lifestyle choice. I went from pre-med, to psychiatry, to campaign manager, to attorney, to accountant, and finally rested on human resources (the term “rested” is used pretty loosely there). All of which came to me at the bargain price of <insert a REALLY large amount of student loans here>. Boy, was it worth it! NOT! I still was spinning my wheels asking for God or some benevolent source to tell me what the hell I was doing on this planet and WHY, OH WHY did I have to be given all of these choices that didn’t seem right, like trying on shoes that were too small yet SOOOOOO cute! I figured I was smart enough to do whatever I wanted, and damn it, I wanted to be a teacher. No wait, a doctor. Or was it a social worker?

Now all of these are fantastic professions, and some are well suited to be accountants, and if that makes your blood rush, GO FOR IT! I’m just saying that it wasn’t for me, but I thought that I needed it to be. The world told me that I needed to go to school to prove that I was worthy of a good profession and to earn respect. This was also the same world that I cursed as a teenager for allowing my life to be a disheveled mess. Now, as a young adult, I was going to seek its opinion, its acceptance, and its love.

This is where it falls flat.

You cannot look outside of yourself for acceptance. You cannot wait for someone else to love you to make your day worth getting out of bed for. You have to do what stirs you, what moves you, what makes you want to shout from the rooftops that you open your eyes everyday and do EXACTLY what you want and that it makes you euphoric.

This, of course, is easier said than done (well, that has to do with self limitations, but that is a much LARGER topic to tackle that I am not addressing here). How can one find what they are looking for, not in a partner or job, but within themselves?

I would suggest doing the thing that scares you first. There’s a reason for it. The fear is to show you where you limit yourself, where you think you will fail. Secondly, I would say to try different things. There are no wrong answers, there are only lessons. In the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki, he talks about taking jobs to learn different skills and then move on. Now I’m not saying to jump from job to job aimlessly trying to find your niche because most of us aren’t aware of what skills we are wanting to acquire right off. Did I know that I wanted to have the ability to speak in front of crowds? Let me yell it out, “HELL NO!” I placed myself in the “introverted” category; little miss shy meek girl in the corner, “Please don’t talk to me.” Nevertheless, I learned it. Was it easy? Nope, but no one knew I was shy or nervous except for me and that helped. Was I scared? You betcha. Do I still get scared? You bet your ass I do, but I do it anyway. I do it because someone needs to, and God (or you can put whomever you believe in here, I just happen to believe in God) gave me the voice, the wit, the talent, and the ability to make an ass out of myself to do it as frequently as needed. Did I think I would use it in the capacity that I do? All I can do is shake my head to this. I never saw this path coming. It came from far beyond the forest of trees that I so humbly stumbled through growing up.

This is what happens to most of us. We face things and do things because we think we need to for some urgent reason, when in fact, the reason is usually far beyond our understanding. We get to where we need to be no matter the path we choose. We can go kicking and screaming, or we can have faith and let God take us where he wants us to be.

My path has led me here. I can honestly say that I was born to help people. I usually can see their gifts before they can and I firmly believe that I can see the best in everyone. When I get up in the morning, I want nothing more than to listen and facilitate the advancement of my friends, because to me, we are all friends. That moves me; it excites me to no end.

So if you ever get up and hate going to work, just know that there is something better coming, but you have to stay vigilant, say “yes” when you may have said “no” and know that you are being molded.

Most importantly, though, don’t be scared. You will never reach the summit if you are too scared to climb. If you ever need any help, know that I’m here to cheer you on to your own personal greatness.

Love yourself, love others… until next week.



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