My Internal Dialogue

“Write something.”

A command that I proceed to follow with great caution.

What do I write about?

That’s always the question at hand. Do I write something creative and speak of all the illustrious things that go through my mind: visions of plentitude and illusions of grandeur; I, myself, upon a throne surrounded by a kingdom comprised of smiling faces and joyful laughter?

Do I write of what I know: How your life can be changed in an instant? How your spirit will always endure? Or how you can live a life that is your own without apologies?

Do I write something fictional and perhaps full of whimsy, of rainbows, unicorns, and fairies, maybe include a fire-breathing dragon?

Seems laughable.

I do not consider myself a writer, not really. Yet here I am.


As with anything in my life, I always get bogged down with making the second decision. As in, Decision #1: Write. Decision #2: What to Write. There are always too many choices. In my last blog, I spoke of how it took Heaven and Earth to find my true life’s purpose. Which, by the way, I am EXTREMELY fortunate to have found, but it took an act of congress and a mandate from God Himself. I can be good at anything, minus Economics (PLEASE DON’T ASK FOR HELP. I WILL NOT HELP YOU)! How does someone narrow down the choices in front of them?

Try and fail? Nope. I could be trying forever.

Start and then stop when it gets boring? Nope. I’ll never finish anything.

How do you know what to say when you sit down with a pen without going into the deepest depths of your soul and disclosing your true feelings, hopes, and fears?

God knows that I don’t “need” to have all of that in black and white. Blackmail is tricky and I don’t need people in my business. But what if it turned out to be good? What if that is EXACTLY what you are supposed to be doing – spilling your proverbial guts? Sounds messy.

So instead, I chose to write about writing.

Why do we do it? What is the fascination with it? Why would anyone take the time to sit and write words that someone may or may not ever read?

I searched my mind and inner self and I came to the following conclusion. The answer was a relatively simple one:

We do it to connect.

We do it to show who we are.

We do it to quiet our minds.

We do it for the love of it.

We do it for freedom.

Writing lets you be whomever you chose whenever you chose to be it. It is life altering. With it, love is conveyed, countries are conquered, people are liberated, and souls are enlightened. It is no trivial thing.

So when someone tells you to “write something,” just start. You may end up with a page full of questions like I just did, but you also may end up with something beautiful; something that changes the world we live in.

Keep at it.

Love yourself, love others.

Until next time…



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