A Little Note To The You I Love

Dear You,

Don’t be afraid to let someone see all of you; the inside, the outside, the broken pieces. They need to see it. They need to see all of you, to love all of you. Not only that, they need to see it to love themselves. How can anyone show you all of herself in a society that shuns and judges imperfections? By showing who you truly are, you give everyone the greatest gift of love they can receive: Love of self. When you are unafraid to give yourself, they will intern, have a shining example of what love looks like and then shed those layers of protection that have been holding them back for so long.

Let people love you for you, not an image wrapped in plastic wrap isolated from true emotion. If that seems unpleasant, always remember that they are projecting their fears onto you.

You are perfect. You are God’s creation. You are you and that is pretty great.

Take it or leave it.

Remember to love yourself and others today, tomorrow, and always! 🙂



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