Over Medicated, Under Meditated

Tonight I was told that I don’t take my health seriously. The same person who told me that he didn’t believe in everlasting love told me this declaration. Why I listen to anything this man says is beyond me, but at least he helps me to think about my beliefs. Sometimes we need to be … Continue reading

No More Empty Chatter

Words. Sometimes I feel like I am drowning in them. In a society that places such a high value on an overly loquacious lifestyle, I feel like the meanings can get not only lost, but also altered. Some words are weighted more heavily than others, while some go unnoticed. Some phrases make us feel good … Continue reading

A Little Note To The You I Love

Dear You, Don’t be afraid to let someone see all of you; the inside, the outside, the broken pieces. They need to see it. They need to see all of you, to love all of you. Not only that, they need to see it to love themselves. How can anyone show you all of herself … Continue reading

My Version of a Pep Talk

Hope. I will always dream of the things that I want, even if they are ludicrous or out of reach. I mean, who is to tell you that you can’t have something? That was always my cue to stand taller and push through. That’s where I am now. I finally realized what I wanted to … Continue reading