No More Empty Chatter

Words. Sometimes I feel like I am drowning in them. In a society that places such a high value on an overly loquacious lifestyle, I feel like the meanings can get not only lost, but also altered. Some words are weighted more heavily than others, while some go unnoticed. Some phrases make us feel good … Continue reading

A Little Note To The You I Love

Dear You, Don’t be afraid to let someone see all of you; the inside, the outside, the broken pieces. They need to see it. They need to see all of you, to love all of you. Not only that, they need to see it to love themselves. How can anyone show you all of herself … Continue reading

My Version of a Pep Talk

Hope. I will always dream of the things that I want, even if they are ludicrous or out of reach. I mean, who is to tell you that you can’t have something? That was always my cue to stand taller and push through. That’s where I am now. I finally realized what I wanted to … Continue reading

Stuckville, USA

The topic on my mind is one that I feel like I have been dealing with for MONTHS, feeling stuck. I am an optimist, tried and true, even if I used to disguise myself as a realist (which is code for skeptic). I always looked at the bright side, never wanted for anything, and pretty … Continue reading

Carved in Stone.

As this year winds down and we list all of those things that we are thankful for, I have to also reflect on those things that I have learned over the past year. My biggest lesson: loss. This lesson has been running marathons in my head since Friday evening when I took the time to … Continue reading

Worthy or Not? That Is The Question.

“I mean nothing.” A phrase that I have been fighting to prove wrong my whole life, the problem is, I was the one saying it. I literally could not convince myself of my own worth, my own value. Besides, who am I to make such declarations? I am just a simple soul. Someone who achieved … Continue reading

My Internal Dialogue

“Write something.” A command that I proceed to follow with great caution. “What do I write about?” That’s always the question at hand. Do I write something creative and speak of all the illustrious things that go through my mind: visions of plentitude and illusions of grandeur; I, myself, upon a throne surrounded by a … Continue reading

The Path Less Traveled?

Something that keeps coming up in conversation, and something that I tend to preach A LOT about, is pursuing our dreams. Sounds cliché, I know, but it is something that I am very passionate about. If there is something that moves your soul, something that makes your heart sing, then you should most definitely do … Continue reading

Snakes Are Gross!

Have you ever noticed that one thought in the morning can make or break your day? I am sure that you have, we all have. Well, this week I have become increasingly aware that just one thought can create my own personal heaven or hell. Did I know this before? Of course I did. Will … Continue reading

Surrender? What?

Let’s face it, I rarely write for public view, but here I am putting my feelings in black and white. This in itself is a lesson for me, letting others in to see who I truly am and where my mind is. Relationships, love of each other and of self, have always been difficult for … Continue reading